Glyphfight at OK Moral 08 Feb 2021

“The only problem you’ve got Sheriff is a short supply of guts” – said Clint Eastwood in “High Plains Drifter (1973)”.

While we never question supply of our own guts, from a commercial point of view, making Egyptian > Western style of typeface is maybe questionable. It is typographic style with specific and a bit narrow area of usage – if we consider the most common fields like Western movies, posters, rodeo shows and circuses – but actually it's a fantastic opportunity to break the rules in a few directions. We tried to do that with OK Moral.

The idea behind (and now in front of you) of OK Moral is making distinctive, fun and typeface with a twist in it's category on the market. OK Moral combines elements that are already known in this category – wide characters, inverted contrast and wood type design. And that's all fine. But we wanted to modernise it and add details that belong to modern typography, so we decided to use decorative serifs with rounded ink traps in the middle. It brings softness, gentle bouncing rhythm and a dose of charm to typeface.
As additional touch, we added rounded joining where stems and serifs meet. That brings even more softness to letter design. With square ink traps that are present in the most lowercase letters, OK Moral allows limited use in smaller sizes – it is not typeface that you can use in extreme small sizes like product's description and declaration – it loves titles, product names, logos – situations where OK Moral can be a main man.
Modern or traditional – it is a spice for special projects.