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PAMin Organic

Small family owned Serbian company PAMin, specialized on the export of frozen fruit, dried fruit and mushrooms decided to take bigger steps in making friendship with new markets through long-term marketing strategy, establishing their first trademark "PAMin Organic". The starting idea of "PAMin Organic" is that it should represent the healthiest products from PAMin's offer – products made under special cultivation control and process of product protections from negative effect of fertilizers. Therefor, "we imagined Organic trademark as an association of healthy and ecological products, keeping in mind wild hilly landscapes of Serbia, under bright Sun and clear and cold mountain springs and rivers". We came up with solution that represents client's concept in simplified form, since the trademark would be applied mostly in small sizes on packages and labels. It is 2 colors logo, easily scalable and readable, having letters in negative form. Symbolic meaning of the shape of letter "r" could be found in plant's body that's above ground, while association on shape of letter "g" is the very beginning of an plant – from seed to younger phase. All constantly followed by the Sun as mentor of photosynthesize. In use: