Tour de Force Font Foundry


New features on our website!

We started using web fonts for almost each font presentation.

With the help of our friend and programmer Mr. V (Vashistha "Vishu" Aggarwal) who invested his time and ideas into finding perfect front-end and back-end solutions, you can now test almost each font family. We said "almost" cause we decided to keep some families out of web font world for now and there are 2 reasons for that, they are more related to legal then technical issues.

Mr. V enabled for you possibility to:
1) see web specimen of each font family;
2) test each weight and style by typing your text and picking font size;
3) get waterfall overview of each font family;
4) and finally, try how each font family looks as paragraph, again by typing your text and picking font size, having as much as needed paragraphs.

There might be some additional features sooner, but let's take step by step.

Mr. V

Thank you, Mr. V!