Tour de Force Font Foundry



Jokes about everyday thought of typeface designer.

Often font changes are good for blood pressure.

Kerning day.

Hm, is spacing too tight?

Crap, this font I just made already exists. Burning evidences before somebody see it.

Waiting for font to start selling.

It's always nice to see feedback from our customers.

Guy who made too much fonts for his life now can finally relax and enjoy in royalties.

Good thing about making fonts is that you get total understanding from your surrounding.

Waiting for @MyFonts monthly payment.

The process of thinking about font name for your next release.

Hinting is important part of customizing font for screens.

Researching is important part of font development.

Next 50 days after you release font on @MyFonts and waiting to appears on "Hot New Fonts".

So, who made this kind of serifs first, you or me?

Releasing a new font is religious experience.

Somebody is interesting to buy app license for my font?

On phone line with our vendor, asking what's going on, why aren't they published yet our latest font!