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“Lumier” by Scott Biersack

We recently discovered fantastic use of our “Lumier” – as lettering project. It is designed for, as “HeroImage” (slider image on their home page) and it’s done by young talented designer, illustrator and letterer – Scott Biersack. If you’re interested to become owner of some Scott’s hand-painted skateboards, check SkateLetters! P.S. – Check Scott’s […]

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New features on our website!

We started using web fonts for almost each font presentation. With the help of our friend and programmer Mr. V (Vashistha “Vishu” Aggarwal) who invested his time and ideas into finding perfect front-end and back-end solutions, you can now test almost each font family. We said “almost” cause we decided to keep some families out […]

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“Mozzart Sans” corporate typeface

Together with Lazar Dimitrijević from Posterizer KG, we released corporate font family for Mozzart Company, the biggest betting and gaming house in Serbia and East Europe. Our project task was to design an modern family with sans serif characteristics that would be used as corporate typeface – in their magazine, calendars, brochures, posters, outdoor graphics, […]

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