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Fantastic use of “Oblik”

Recently we discovered fantastic use of our “Oblik” font family. Spanish office “Coleman CBX”, member of “Coleman Worldwide” branding consultancy network, chosen “Oblik” as official font family during corporate branding for one of their clients – Andorran business group “MoraBanc”. In November 2011 the banking group reincorporated the founding family’s name into the bank’s name. [...]

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New release – Publio

Taken from Typedia. Also from Tour de Force comes a contrasty hybrid sans by the name of Publio. Jelesijević created minimalist upright and italic styles on a geometric framework, featuring an oblong shapes, triangular “semi-serifs”, and generous counters.

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New release – Lasta

Taken from Typedia. The first of a pair of releases from Serbia’s Tour de Force is Dušan Jelesijević’s Lasta. This quaint titling face mixes low-contrast engravers-style Romans with a set of “poetic” italics. A diminutive x-height, sharp wedged serifs, and an oddball lowercase rhythm provide a lot of personality in the details.

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